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What is End of Tenancy Cleaning and why would I need it?

End of Tenancy Cleaning is for Landlords and Tenants who are planning to end a property rental agreement.
It is advisory for tenants to clean their rental property before the end of their rental agreement with their landlord. When checking your agreement, you will undoubtedly find in your terms that the property you are renting has to be left in a fit state for the next tenant, and if this has not adhered to, you may lose your securing bond as your landlord will have to employ a professional to clean after you leave.

This type of cleaning fee varies from company to company and may have items to be cleaned excluded from their base prices. The average BASE cost for this type of professional cleaning can range from £75.00 for a studio flat up to £230.00 for a five-bedroom house. These prices need to be paid for when hiring a professional and may include additional costs. Be aware of companies offering a cleaning service at a low hourly rate; they will definitely be for a basic base clean and may not reach your landlord’s expectations.
Examples of additional costs may include moving furniture, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, cooker cleaning and fridge cleaning.

Best advice for ending your tenancy!

When your tenancy is a few weeks from the end date, clean your property to the best of your ability. This can and will lower your costs. Consider everything; you do not want to lose your bond or have a dispute with your landlord or agent. Clean your property from top to bottom. Start at one end of your property if you live in a flat and work your way through. If you live in a house or multi-story dwelling, start from the top and work your way down. Consider touching up the paintwork on walls and door frames, clean light switches and electric sockets. Clean bathrooms, toilets and WC. Clean all your kitchen units, inside and out, mop the floors if you have laminates or tiles inside your oven and your cooker hob. The list is endless.

When you have completed what you can or don’t know what is required by your landlord, it’s now time to call in the professionals.

What can a professional cleaning company do for you?
Most cleaning companies have a set price, as previously mentioned, but most will not be inclusive. A good cleaning company can offer a pre-inspection and provide a fair quote for the work required. Some may ask for you to send photos via mobile messaging services or via their website. Either is acceptable.
An inspection sheet should be filled out with a detailed report of what they are offering, complete with costs and no hidden charges. It is advisable to leave this report for your landlord when you leave your property to prove that you have done your best to leave their property in a fit state for their next tenant.

Why choose JDee Specialist Cleaning Solutions.

Established in 2019, initially as a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company and quickly picking up contracts in the social housing and landlord sectors, JDee Specialist Cleaning Solutions knows what you need as a tenant. Our fare pricing system and time scale for End of Tenancy Cleaning will ensure that you will receive a professional service on a time scale that suits you. By using bleach-free, environmental, pet-friendly chemicals, we can guarantee a professional service every time. 
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